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CEMEX showcases innovation thru ‘Si Mento at Ako’ tour

July 27, 2015

CEMEX showcases innovation thru ‘Si Mento at Ako’ tour

“Si Mento At Ako” opens CEMEX’s facilities for visitors to appreciate an innovative process of cement-making that is energy-efficient and with minimal environmental impact. Photo shows CEMEX executives undergoing a briefing as part of the tour, led by special guest Fernando Gonzalez, CEMEX global chief executive officer, during his visit to the Philippines

CEMEX Philippines recently launched a guided tour program for visitors of its cement manufacturing facilities in the country.

Dubbed “Si Mento at Ako,” the fun and interactive program showcases CEMEX’s innovations in safety and sustainability in cement technology. The program is now in placed at CEMEX’s Solid Cement Plant in Antipolo, Rizal and Apo Cement Plant in Naga, Cebu.

President Benigno Aquino III was among the first guests to experience the tour, during the recent inauguration of a new finish mill as part Apo Cement’s capacity expansion project.

The plant innovation tour is led by CEMEX safety campaign icon Mento, a fictional character inspired by the Filipino word for cement which is “semento,” who educates visitors about CEMEX Philippines and the basics of cement manufacturing; along with a new character named Gus, whose name is derived from the Filipino word “gusali” which means “building.”

“With our ‘Si Mento at Ako’ plant innovation tour program, CEMEX Philippines promotes transparency in its operations and sets the standard of sustainable operations in building the country’s progress,” stated Chito Maniago, CEMEX Philippines corporate communications and public affairs director.

CEMEX showcases innovation thru ‘Si Mento at Ako’ tour

CEMEX’s “Si Mento at Ako” plant innovation tour is especially exciting for students and the youth who are frequent visitors of its cement manufacturing plants as part of field trips or out-of-classroom learning

The tour highlights the important stages of cement-making using major equipment, namely the crusher, raw mill, kiln, and finish mill. Visitors are also brought around the site through tour stops showcasing the pack house, where cement is stored, extracted, and transported for packaging; and the jetty, which can transport up to 1,000 metric tons of cement offshore.

Also featured in the tour are pioneering facilities that promote energy efficiency in the plant, including a waste-heat-to-energy facility that transforms excess heat from the manufacturing machinery into usable energy, and the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) that recovers fuel by dehydrating the solid waste.

CEMEX Philippines is a quality building solutions company and manufacturer of the eco-labeled cement brands in the country including Island Portland Cement, Rizal Portland Super, Rizal Masonry Cement, APO Portland Premium, APO Portland Cement, APO Masonry Cement, Palitada King and APO Pozzolan.

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